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Frequently Asked Questions
Printing & Mailing
Graphic & Web Design

Printing & Mailing

What software programs do you recommend for my print project?
Quark Xpress and PageMaker are best suited for page layout. Illustrator and Freehand work well for line art. Microsoft programs (Word, PowerPoint and Publisher) are not designed for imagesetter output.

Chinook Press uses the following software programs:

  • Quark Express
  • PageMaker
  • PhotoShop
  • Freehand
  • Illustrator

What file format should I send you to begin the initial pre-press stage?

  • EPS (encapsulated postscript file)
  • TIFF files

Using links instead of embedding graphics in publications makes the final main document much smaller and speeds up the composition work. Be sure to include the linked files along with the fonts for the job. The imagesetter will follow the link from the document and use the actual graphic for its output.

DO NOT place an EPS within another EPS. PostScript errors commonly occur when this is done and can cause extra expense. Files should be converted from RGB to CMYK prior to printing.

Never completely trust the color fidelity of any monitor. Transmitted additive images (what you see on the screen) will not match reflected subtractive images (what you see in the printed piece). Use the numbers the information box in PhotoShop give you and printed swatch guides.

Are there differences between sending PC or a MAC files?
If you are crossing platforms, (from MAC to PC or vice versa), remember the fonts do not transfer well. MAC and PC fonts are different. Even if the program you are using is compatible, the postscript fonts may not be. This can create a shift in the entire "look" of the piece. Also, special characters are at different key combinations, which can lead to complications in finding replacement fonts. You must be sure to send hard copy proofs in this situation, so any major changes can be discovered and corrected. If a font substitution is made, customer approval will be required.

What kinds of print projects can you design for me?
Our graphic design team can create and/or assist you with your logo, brochures, forms, folders, letterhead, envelopes, catalogues, posters, flyers, and stickers. Please visit our design section for details.

What is the usual turn-around time to complete a project?
Our turn-around time is three to five working days. Depending on the complexity of the project, some projects take 6 to 10 working days to complete.

Graphic & Web Design

How do I purchase a domain name and host?
The purchase of a domain name and host are extremely important when building a website. A Chinook Press representative will help you choose a custom domain name that best suits your business, as well as a host company. Please refer to our resources page for registars (domain companys) and host companies.

Should I purchase my domain name and host through the same company?
No! It is highly recommended that you purchase your domain name through a registrar, such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions. In many cases, businesses are bound to contracts, when their domain name and host is purchased through the same company; consequently, they can not relinquish their domain name. Also, in certain situations a person may not fully own their domain name when purchasing through a referral company.

What type of web pages and information should I put on my website?
I tell this to all my new customers: Your website is a direct reflection of your business or company. Today, many people use the internet to shop and purchase services or products. It is important that your website relays the exact information that you want to convey to your customers. The following questions you should ask your self before constructing a website:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Should my website be imformative or to sell my services and products?
  • Should my website cater to dial-up internet accounts or high speed internet accounts?
  • Do I want my web designer or myself to make further revisions for my website?

What information should I have prepared before the construction of my website?
You will be asked to provide textual information, logos and images for your website. If you need a custom designed logo, Chinook Press's graphic's department can create one for you.

Do you provide marketing and search engine solutions for your customers?
Yes! We will construct vital information within your website that will comply to all search engines. Looking for pay-per-click advertising? Chinook Press can also help you purchase pay-per-click advertising through the most prominent search engines.

How long will it take for my website to be completed?
Depending on the complexity of your website, most projects take between two weeks to one month to complete.